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Patented DQS Dustproof Optical Engine-Innovation Meets Purity

Boasting 9 years of technological refinement and unveiling our latest proprietary DQS modular optical pathway integrated with air purification systems.


 Incorporates a high-efficiency particulate filter to effectively capture particles as small as 0.3 μm, ensuring a clean and fresh airflow into the interior.


Optimized airflow design within the air duct ensures excellent heat dissipation performance, enabling the light source to maintain up to 98% high performance.


Utilizes natural airflow for heat dissipation, ensuring consistent performance across various environmental conditions, be it cold, hot, or humid.


Demonstrates exceptional stability over time, with minimal light attenuation (<12%) over a three-year period thanks to its superior heat dissipation mechanism.


 Simplified maintenance with a dustproof design including a fan that can be easily replaced by pressing to pop up the particle filter, eliminating the need for complex procedures.


Operating within a purified environment ensures the longevity and quiet stability of the fan even after prolonged use, maintaining optimal performance.

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Intelligent Light Adaptation

CW‘s unique PWM high-frequency pulse-width modulation technology allows the projected image to dynamically adjust brightness based on varying light and dark scenes. This reduces eye strain and provides a more comfortable and natural viewing experience.

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Dynamic Speaker X Spatial Sound Enhancement Technology

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TS LED Patented Brightening Technology